Monday, January 5, 2009

My Shopping IDOL

If you don't know Jennine than you haven't met my shopping IDOL!

She is an amazing shopper! I have been thinking about posting about her because she is truely amazing and I hope that others can learn from her shopping wisdom. :)

Jennine knows everything about getting a good deal. I am the type of person that I go out for what I want/need and whether it is on sale or not...I will buy it. Not my shopping IDOL - Oh no - she will want or need something but she waits....and waits....and waits....before she will strike to buy it. She knows a good thing but may wait a little longer to get an even better deal.

Here is an example that just happened earlier this month:

She wants to buy a laptop. This is something she has wanted to buy for a while. I happen to call her one day and she is at a store actually buying one. Well, she is excited for it because she thought she got a really good deal. :) I called her a day or two later, and she has returned the laptop to the store, she was actually buying another one because this new one was "a much better deal". Not only did she take the time to return it (which I would not have done because I am not paitent like that) but she told the sales person about the new computer deal. He took her advice and bought one for his wife. You would think it would stop there - Oh no! Her new computer is wireless, so she waits...and waits....and waits...for the deal of the wire less device to go on sale. Well, it did go on sale and she got one. :)

This is one small example of what an AMAZING shopper she is and the wisdom she has to getting great deals. If you ever get the priveledge of shopping with Jennine, it will be such a huge treat. :)

Jennine - not only are you an amazing shopper, but you are a true friend! I am so lucky and Blessed to have you be such a huge part in my life. God brought you into our life and introduced us to Ghana, which also introduced us to our beautiful Ghaniana twins. Thank you so much for your wisdom and friendship. I dedicate this entire post JUST FOR YOU - YOU ARE MY SHOPPING IDOL!