Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ghana Leave Feb. 24

I have bought the plane tickets to leave for Ghana on Feb. 24. I am really excited to go and bond with Deborah. I am planning on filing our I600 as well. I have gone back and forth with this decision but I really felt such a strong pull to go there now.

I think with me going over to Ghana, will help Deborah feel a little better knowing we really are working on things to bring her home. She has seen children in her home come and go with their adoptive families. It's her turn to see us and know that we are working as hard and fast as we can to bring her home. She has prayed for so long to be back with her sisters. I feel so honored that God has allowed us to do this. We honestly had no plans of this but through God laying it on our hearts and providing every need, it has become real to her dream coming true.

I get real emotional when I think of her so I can't wait to go. I wish it was Feb. 23 already and knowing I was going to go to bed to wake up in the morning leaving for Ghana. I do have a lot to do so I am glad I have this week to pull all the things together.

I have to thank our church, The Grove, for helping me with the ticket to Ghana. It is because of their help, that I get to go this month. I thank God for providing once again the need to get over there. Praise God!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Table for 8?

It's official we are much closer to being able to walk into our favorite restaurant, Chillis, and ask for a "table for 8".


We are so excited that Deborah is now an official "Baxter". We went to court on January 19 and passed with flying colors. It was so exciting to wake the kids up that morning with sharing the news. Everyone was so happy.

I called Deborah that day to talk to her about court and how she feels about now being in our family. She was very quiet but I think she was emotional. She said she was very happy. This has been a long time coming for her. Her search for us has come to an end. She has worked so hard to find us and now she gets a family to love her. We completely credit everything in to God! He is the one who is walking hand in hand with us on this journey.

Please meet our sweet Deborah!