Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's Finished!

Rita and Racheal got their hair professionally done today. I was looking for someone to do their hair where it will last for a long time. The style they got, should last 2 months. Now, this was just a treat for them. It's not anything we can do every 2 months, but once in a while. I had told them when school started we would look into getting it done differently.

The lady who did their hair took about 7 hours for the both of them. She was definitely faster than I am. I usually takes 6 hours per girl. We did braids and the ends are curled. This style will allow them to pull their hair back into many different styles. We will see if it last up to 2 months. I sure hope so.

The one new tip I learned today is that Olive Oil comes in a spray can. This is something you could spray on their hair twice a week. It keeps the scalp moisturized and shiny. I saw this type of spray at Walmart in the hair department.

Here are the pictures of their hair. The lady had it pulled up but they took it down when they got home.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So Excited!

The girls are doing really well! They are beginning to really bond more with us. I feel like each week is getting better and better. I feel like they are understanding what has happened and how they are a part of our family forever! Rita is so much more affectionate with me. This has been something we have worked on, but for her to initiate it is a huge step forward. YEAH!

I scheduled an appointment for both girls to get their hair professionally done. This is a huge treat for them....... and ME! The girls want extensions and as much as I love to do their hair - I am ready for a little break. I found a lady who will do their hair. She is from Sudan which is cool for the girls. Their big appointment is Saturday. She is going to do corn rolls, which is something I am not able to do so that's why this would be a break for me. This is something I won't do often because it is part of our bonding. I am going to stay and watch her so hopefully I can pick up some tricks to do it. :) I will post pictures on Sunday!