Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My Whiny Section

I usually don't whine but tonight I feel the need to!

I am struggling now with everything that is on our plate. I am struggling with what God wants with me now and what is in our plan, except going crazy :). I feel like I am being pulled in every which direction and have no clue where to go:

* My job (which I really do love) is about 50-60 hours a week of my family's life (that is before the children are in bed)

* The girls are doing really well, but as soon as I really believe that, a curve ball will come my way. I had a set back this past week with Rita. I put so much effort into them, then my biological children also need me. This is all common when you adopt ....or is it?

* I haven't even mentioned my husband needing attention. Date? What is that?

* I feel like...when is it my time to give myself my own attention. The only alone time I have gotten is sleeping when I was sick. Even then, children would come in to ask questions. I locked the door at one time, and then the knocking started.

* Jarett's family members still haven't met the girls. When are they going to make the move to come and see them? It is hard to watch Jarett be disappointed again from them.

* Serving - when would I be able to go back and serve in our church.

* My weight! I really want to loose 25-30 pounds. I really want to exercise, but how do I do that?

* Cleaning the house? what is that? Everybody helps out, but it's not enough for 7 people living here.

Is balance the correct word for this? How can you be balanced with all of this? Something has to give, but what?

In my perfect world: we would win the lottery, all of our bills (including house) would be paid off, I would be a stay at home mom and have a clean / organized house. I would be able to make a snack for the children when they came home, by me picking them up from school, I would have up to date clothes and shoes, I would have plenty of jewelry to wear (not a lot, but some nice things), I would have my wedding ring redone (the diamond fell out), I would give the gift of a life time, and I wouldn't have circles under my eyes everyday.

I am definitely not wanting anyone to feel sorry for me, but this is a place I feel I can vent - it's my blog, so why not. I do have many things to be thankful for, but at the same time, I have many things I need to work out with God and how He wants me to live today, tomorrow, and the next day.

My prayer:

Lord, I ask of you to give me strength and clarity on how you want our family to be shaped. Everything you give us is definitely a Blessing, but sometimes it's hard to know how you want us to take your Blessings. What can I or we learn from you to make the most of this awesome opportunity. Lord, help me to live each day you have planned for me. Help me to see the things you want me to see. Help me to have compassion with people who continue to disappoint me (us). Help me to continue to have You be in the center of my life. In Jesus's name.....Amen

That's my whiny post. I do feel better! :)

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I am sorry it has been a long time since I have posted. I can actually said I have been busy! I have been busy beyond all belief. I never thought that having 5 children could make the clock go FASTER. It would seem that the clock should SLOW down - since we need it to.

We begin homework at 5:00 pm. As I am doing homework, Jarett cooks the dinner. After I work with one child, he/she will then go take their shower. Then I start with the next. By the time I am on the third child, dinner is ready. So we eat dinner and then start back up. By 7:45 we are usually finished with every child. Well, you would think it is done for the night......OH NO! Then the sleeping time routine begins. Each child (sometimes 2 at once) go to brush their teeth. By the time, the two of them wrestle, play around, go to the restroom, it is 8:15. That's just 2 out of 5 children. So by 8:45-9:00 we can officially say they are all in bed. I am exhausted just writing that! So you think it stops there.....OH NO!....Now the "Stop talking" routine begins. Each set of girls are talking, then each set of boys are talking. So by 9:20 - I usually can say they are done for the night. So, see how the clock moves faster than we do. If you are considered a large family and/or you have any suggestions for our routine to make it shorter and more functional, we would love to hear it. :)


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Our little lady guinea pig gave birth to 3 healthy babies today. We were so excited to hear the awesome news from Jarett. We kept thinking she would have them during the night, but she surprised us to do this while we were all at school.

We don't know the sex of each one because we are going to give momma and babies a week before we hold them. They are so funny to see.

Last night while Sweety (the mom) was laying down, you could see the babies going to town. Now we can literally see them. They came out furry as can be and eyes wide open.

Sweety is such a good mom. She nurses them and talks to them. I can hear as I am typing right now, their little conversation going on. Anyway, please welcome these 3 babies into our world.