Friday, February 4, 2011

Table for 8?

It's official we are much closer to being able to walk into our favorite restaurant, Chillis, and ask for a "table for 8".


We are so excited that Deborah is now an official "Baxter". We went to court on January 19 and passed with flying colors. It was so exciting to wake the kids up that morning with sharing the news. Everyone was so happy.

I called Deborah that day to talk to her about court and how she feels about now being in our family. She was very quiet but I think she was emotional. She said she was very happy. This has been a long time coming for her. Her search for us has come to an end. She has worked so hard to find us and now she gets a family to love her. We completely credit everything in to God! He is the one who is walking hand in hand with us on this journey.

Please meet our sweet Deborah!



Heather said...

I'm so happy for you guys! She's BEAUTIFUL! What a blessing for the girls to be together!

Amy said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful!!! Hope the rest of the process goes smoothly and quickly!


Kristin said...

Congrats! I am so happy for you all! How old is D, btw? Is she older or younger than the twins?

Renee said...