Thursday, December 2, 2010

So we wait .....

So we wait to hear when we are going to court. Our dossier is over in Ghana and now it is the waiting game. I am hopeful we will go to court this month. I just have that feeling. So we wait for that email, phone call or text message!

It's different this time with waiting for things to go through with D. We are so incredibly busy with our own family life that it doesn't really feel like we are waiting. It's Thursday night and I wonder what happened to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and today. Time is going so incredibly fast! We still have a lot to do and I know God is preparing us and he is also giving us time to get ready for her.

I did get to talk to her the other day and it was so exciting to hear her voice. I actually talk to her way more than we talked to the twins. So I feel closer to her than I did with the twins at this part of the process. I also think being a sibling of the twins, I feel closer to her. The girls talked a lot about D their first year. I know lots of stories about her so that makes me feel much closer to her. I just can't wait to get off the plane and see her.

So we continue to wait with smiles on our faces!


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I hope that things continue to go well...God bless your family!