Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ghana Trip

I got the chance to go to Ghana and file our I-600. This is the trip that is almost at the end of this process. We now begin to count the 60 days in hopes that we get the approval and then we do the VISA. We are really close for Deborah to come but yet it seems so far away.

This trip I went on was AMAZING! It was so great because I got to see first hand the work that God is doing in Ghana. DOH is amazing and God centered home for children. While you are there, you can feel God's presence. Everyone there loves the children.
One time I was in one of the Auntie's room and some family members come over. They didn't know I was there. As they walked through the gate, the children cheered and ran over to the adults. Every single adult stopped and greeted the children with hugs. I witnessed this several times during my stay. Everyone there was so loving towards the children. All of the children there were full of smiles all the time. It was truly the best children's home I have ever seen.

I also got to witness what God is doing in Chorkor. This place is very poverty stricken. God is definitely working there.

This trip has impacted me so much. I got to really get into the middle of Ghana and be involved with everything, including taking the boys down to get their hair cut.

Going to Ghana was not only God's purpose for me to file the I-6oo but it was a way for God to show me His work. He has so many plans for our family. I am excited to see how all of this is going to come about!!!!!


Amy said...

SO lovely to see you together!!! :) Won't it be wonderful to finally have you be a family!


Renee said...


Praying for Deborah to be home soon! Thank you for sharing.

Robin Dodd Photography said...

YEA!!! Chalene!!